School Studio created a new brand identity inspired by natural basic shapes for Yiron Furniture.

School is an innovative studio that produces highly acclaimed design, branding, and publishing work for both local and global clients. Their award-winning projects have been admired by leading industry experts.

Yiron Furniture Company is an esteemed leader in Israel’s self-assembly furniture industry. To help promote their agenda of a simple and functional lifestyle, School Studio created a new identity that was derived from natural basic shapes. Through this new brand identity, Yiron has been able to appeal to consumers that are looking for quality products with minimalistic design values.

Below you can see a few images of the project. Please visit School’s portfolio on Behance for more.

Yiron Furniture branding by School Studio
Yiron Furniture branding by School Studio

All images © by School Studio. You can find other inspiring graphic design and branding projects created by studios from all over the world on WE AND THE COLOR.

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