Vectorism: Vector Graphics Today – Book by Victionary

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Book recommendation: Vectorism: Vector graphics today, a book publication by Victionary that gives you a vision of a simplified reality.

Consisting of 240 pages, ‘Vectorism: Vector Graphics Today’ is a book that truly boosts your creative imagination. This publication by Viction Workshop Ltd is dedicated to show you the wonderful world of vector graphics. They are indispensable in today’s communication design. Vector graphics have the capacity to transform compact messages and certain information into an easy to understand visual language. Read more below or click on the following link.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Vectorism – Vector graphics today – book by Victionary.
Vectorism: Vector graphics today, a book by Victionary.

A comprehensive survey focusing on today’s vector graphic design.

With a wealth of visually pleasing imagery created by 50 exceptional graphic designers and digital illustrators, this book showcases different styles and latest trends. We get insights into graphic solutions that stimulate our perception and imagination. Those simple yet explicit illustrations are intended to give us an artificial, somehow beautified glance at our daily lives and the things that surround us. ‘Vectorism: Vector Graphics Today’ is a book that I highly recommend to you. It’s a great source of inspiration for every graphic designer and illustrator. For further information, please follow the link below.

You can get this great resource of inspiration on Amazon.

Book cover design.
Close up of the colorful book cover design.
Minimalist poster design.
Examples of minimalist poster designs created for famous TV shows.
Bird graphics using simple geometric shapes.
These cute bird graphics have been created using only simple geometric shapes in diverse colors.
Portraits in a minimalist, flat style.
Portraits of famous people created in a minimalist, flat style.
Food illustrations.
Clever designed food illustrations.
Lovely designs in a minimalist, flat style.
More lovely designs in a minimalist, flat style.
Simple and clean vector illustrations of tools and gadgets.
Simple and clean vector illustrations of diverse tools and gadgets.
Editorial illustrations.
Colorful editorial illustrations.

Feel free and buy this fine publication on Amazon.

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