Check out this beautiful restaurant brand identity created by the team of studio Indego Design.

Since 1988, VAHTHAI Restaurant has been a pillar of the Macau community for generations. As the first restaurant in town to introduce classic Thai snack boat noodles, its owner developed a unique recipe and secret seasoning that reflects the local food culture. When Indego Design embarked on this design project, their intention was to emphasize how Chinese and Thai cultures have converged here over 30 years – demonstrating the solid human connection we share with our neighbors. The illustrations visualize the fresh ingredients and signature boat noodles of the restaurant, with typography that shares some stories about its founder. This combination crafted an iconic look for this eatery to be remembered by all who visited.

Indego Design incorporated the essence of both Chinese and Thai culture into their font design when creating this brand, while also researching fonts used in Macau and Thailand during the 80s. To bring out a sense of history to accompany the new interpretation of tradition, they opted for the Risograph printing method popularly utilized back then for all its posters. With these unique touches, Indego Design introduced an exceptional fusion of traditional elements with modernity!

Below you can see a few images of the design project. For more, please visit Indego Design’s website or follow them on Behance.

VAHTHAI restaurant branding by Indego Design
VAHTHAI restaurant branding by Indego Design

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