Take a look at Urban Casa, an experimental home by Planet Design & Associates.

Situated in the industrial city of Ludhiana in Punjab, a team of Planet Design & Associates completed Urban Casa just one block away from the main traffic roads. The architectural design masterfully exemplifies the contrasts of the still-growing neighborhood.

The client asked for an architectural concept that appears minimalist from the outside but is loaded with design and ideas inside. On the upper floor, aluminum was used to add special character to the
otherwise minimalist facade, and strips of wood were imported from Indonesia for the fenestrations. Natural wood veneer was used with other natural, durable materials like raw granite. The client also desired to incorporate nature and green into his rooms, which was achieved through the use of floor-to-ceiling glass.

Below you can see a few images of the architectural project. For more, please visit the Instagram account of Planet Design & Associates. Full credits can be found at the end of the article.

URBAN CASA by Planet Design & Associates
URBAN CASA by Planet Design & Associates

All images © by Planet Design & Associates. Do not hesitate to browse through our Architecture and Interior Design categories for other inspiring projects from around the globe.

Principal Architect: Ar. Talwinder Panesar
Design Head: Majinder Panesar
Firm: Planet Design & Associates
Area: 10000 sq. ft.
Completion Year: 2022
Structure Consultant: Er. Jatinder Malhotra
Electrical Consultant: The Lights and Beyond
Sculptors: Anuradha Prabhakar, Copper Crush
Flooring: Tile and Italian Marble
Wall Cladding: Tile, Marble and Concrete Panel
Marble: Jai Mata Marble, Ludhiana
Tiles: Shree Balaji Tiles Studio
Stones: Tirupati Stones, Ludhiana
Bathroom Fixtures: Axor
Lighting: Flos
Kitchen: Nolte, Wall tiles in Kitchen from Diesel
Wardrobes: Home Interiors India
Furniture: Home Interiors India
Wallpaper: Glamora
Photographer: Inclined Studio
Website: www.planetdes.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/architects.planetdesign/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/architects.planetdesign/

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