Estudio Albino came up with this modern visual identity for Taller Alvarado Teles (TAT).

Based in Mexico, Albino is a creative studio specializing in the development of distinctive branding projects as well as strong graphic identity systems, compelling packaging experiences, and strategic consultants of visual communication.

For Taller Alvarado Teles (TAT), they came up with a brand identity that seeks to represent this versatility and focuses on the craftsmanship behind their work. Modules and angles placed together emulate spaces and structures. They represent the crossing point between us and the environment.

Check out the following images. For more, please take a look at Estudio Albino’s website or follow them on Behance.

TAT branding by Estudio Albino
TAT branding by Estudio Albino

All images © by Estudio Albino. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring graphic design and branding projects from all over the world on WE AND THE COLOR.

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