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Portraits by Kris Knight.

Portraits by Kris Knight

Eyes on Canadian painter Kris Knight and his portraits of seemingly disenchanted characters. Born in 1980, Kris Knight is a Canadian artist whose work examines...
Ritual Of The Sun – Artwork created with oil, enamel and spray paint on panel.

Artist Michael Reeder

Selected paintings by Dallas, Texas-based artist Michael Reeder. It's always a pleasure to discover new great pieces of art created by artists, which I previously...
Work from the Melancholy series by South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim.

Artist Sungsoo Kim – Melancholy Portraits

A beautiful series of melancholy portraits created by South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim. Sungsoo Kim was born in 1969 in Busan, South Korea. Today the...
Inevitable - Surreal mixed media portraiture on paper by Haejung Lee

Haejung Lee – Surreal Mixed Media Portraiture

Macabre illustrations by Haejung Lee. Haejung Lee is a Korean artist based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts at the...
Portraiture by Benjamin Garcia

Portraiture by Benjamin Garcia

Surreal Portraits. After many years working as illustrator and designer for 2D and 3D animations, Benjamin Garcia started to focus on painting full time. His...
Xerox #6, graphite on paper drawing by Melissa Cooke

“Surfaced” Graphite on Paper Drawings by Melissa Cooke

"Surfaced - Portraiture" Selected drawings from a series of artworks called "Surfaced" created in 2012 by artist Melissa Cooke. Artist Statement: "Surfaced" acknowledges the relationship between...