Portraits by Kris Knight

Eyes on Canadian painter Kris Knight and his portraits of seemingly disenchanted characters.

Born in 1980, Kris Knight is a Canadian artist whose work examines the interaction of real and constructed world. Mainly drawn from personal memories, experiences and imagination, his portraits depict both sexual and asexual identities. These disenchanted characters seem to be lost between youth and adulthood as well as imagination and reality. Their faces seem to hide something, a suppressed emotion or some memories. Please read more below.

Wicked Shade
Wicked Shade, painting by Kris Knight, created in 2014 with oil on canvas in the size of 40 x 60″.

Kris Knight’s body of work strips along innocence and eroticism, mystery and revelation, romanticism and symbolism. Inspired by 18th Century French portraiture and Polaroid photography, his paintings combine different color schemes of lush tones and ghostly pastels.

Over the past years, his work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Below you can see a handpicked selection of paintings. For those who want to know more about the Canadian painter, feel free to visit his website: krisknight.com

Diamond Eyes
Diamond Eyes, another painting from the series “Smell The Magic”.
Faberge, an artwork from the series “Secrets Are Things We Grow”, made in 2013.
Pansy – This painting was part of the “Never-Never” solo exhibition at Katharine Mulherin, Toronto in September 2015.
Night Bloomer
Night Bloomer – work with oil on canvas in the size of 24 x 18″.

All images © by Kris Knight.


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