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I Don't See, abstract portraits by Emilio Villalba

Abstract Portraits by Emilio Villalba

I Don't See: abstract portraits painted by contemporary artist Emilio Villalba. "I've always been fascinated by the mess," says Emilio Villalba. The artist creates contemporary...
Dissolve - contemporary painting by Chuck Tingley.

Artist Chuck Tingley

Paintings by Buffalo based artist Chuck Tingley. Chuck Tingley lives in Buffalo, NY, where he graduated with a BFA in painting at Buffalo State College....
Gently, Gently - Oil on canvas painting by Jonathan Dalton

The Art of by Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton Paintings. Barcelona-based artist Jonathan Dalton creates amazing oil paintings of odd characters or bizarre stories and sceneries. Most of his paintings convey a...
Mona Lisa Re-Interpretation: Mona Lola by Lola Dupré

Mona Lisa Re-Interpretation: Mona Lola by Lola Dupré

Mona Lola - Phone Booth Gallery: "Reimagined" Exhibition. Portugal-based artist and illustrator Lola Dupré has created this painting called: "Mona Lola". It's a re-interpretation of...