I Don’t See: abstract portraits painted by contemporary artist Emilio Villalba.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the mess,” says Emilio Villalba. The artist creates contemporary portraits inspired by masterpieces from the past. His expressive work is an exploration of the omnipresent pressure we all have to deal with as well as our unique mess of emotions, obsessions, and urges.

‘I Don’t See’ is a new series of semi-abstract portraits. The artworks are a nod to the modern art aesthetics. Using subtle shifts, repetition or the intended absence of facial features, these new pieces are attempts to create certain feelings of disharmony in the viewer. “I want someone to be drawn in by the uncanny nature of a piece and still feel safe to explore the feelings and reactions to the pressure gives rise to.”

Below you can find a few artworks from the new series. What do you think? For those who want to see more of Emilio Villalba’s paintings, please visit his website.

Emilio Villalba, Helmet Love, 16x20, oil on wood, 2017
Helmet Love, 16×20, oil on wood, 2017
Emilio Villalba, Mirrors, 8x10, oil on Wood, 2017
Mirrors, 8×10, oil on wood, 2017
Emilio Villalba, Pinned Ghost, 18x24, oil on wood, 2017
Pinned Ghost, 18×24, oil on wood, 2017
Emilio Villalba, Sangre, 11x14, oil on wood, 2017
Sangre, 11×14, oil on wood, 2017
Emilio Villalba, To Return, 22x28, oil on canvas, 2017
To Return, 22×28, oil on canvas, 2017

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