Graphic design and branding by Noeeko Studio for Second Choice.

The team of Noeeko Studio was asked to work on a unique graphic design and branding solution for Second Choice, a luxury, pre-owned fashion shop located in the heart of Warsaw. Noeeko Studio’s graphic designers worked closely with the client to create a brand identity and website that perfectly reflects the store’s beautiful and unique products. In addition, the simple graphic design solution helps to communicate the story behind the store. Using a simple grid pattern consisting of white and pink squares, the graphic designers of Noeeko Studio managed to create a unique, modern, elegant, and eye-catching visual experience. Just see it for yourself. For more of the studio’s graphic design and branding projects, please visit their website and follow them on Behance.

Second Choice store branding by Noeeko Studio
Two-sided business cards.
Second Choice store branding by Noeeko Studio
The stationery system.
Second Choice store branding by Noeeko Studio
The new responsive website.

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