Graphic designer Karla Heredia created this fun brand identity for the burger bar Pretty Patty.

Geneva’s Pretty Patty is the brainchild of passionate burger lovers, who set out to create a unique and loveable brand. Created by graphic designer Karla Heredia, the vibrant visuals embody classic cartoon vibes with modern applications to exude an aura that feels nostalgic yet contemporary. Charles Jenny then extended this concept into the interior design by incorporating their mascot stickers – making for a fun and bold atmosphere! Below you can see a few images of this fun burger bar brand identity. For more, please visit Karla Heredia’s portfolio on Behance or follow her on Instagram.

Pretty Patty branding by Karla Heredia
Pretty Patty branding by Karla Heredia

All images © by the respective owners. Photography (location) by Nicolas Schopfer and Pierre Vogel, product photography by Karla Heredia.

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