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With this online course, you will learn the process and techniques to create iconographic designs.

This is an online course by graphic designer and art director Hermes Mazali. He will help you to learn all the necessary processes and techniques to do any iconographic design project. As your teacher, Hermes will show you how to create your own set of icons using simple vector shapes. You will learn everything about the advantages of using a grid in both your sketches and digital designs. Furthermore, you will learn to plan your project ranging from early concepts to the export of your icons for different types of media.

No matter if you are already a professional designer or a graphic design student, this online course is for anyone who wants to learn everything about icon design. to take this course, you will need a notebook or desktop computer as well as a pencil or pen to write down and sketch your ideas. Also, vector design software like Adobe Illustrator is necessary.

The course consists of 21 lessons. They are online anytime. So you can learn at your own pace. Just click on the following link to learn more about this highly recommended icon design online course.

Introduction to Icon Design Online Course
Icon Design Online Course

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