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Learn how to create unique patterns and how to apply them to a mock-up product set in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

With this online course by graphic designer Giorgia Smiraglia, you can unleash your full creative potential by creating stunning patterns for various designs. In addition, you can discover how to apply these designs to a set of products and share them with potential clients. The complete course consists of 15 lessons that help you to design a pattern by understanding its anatomy and experimenting with different design techniques. With Giorgia Smiraglia’s instructions, you will soon be able to create a symphony of designs by combining your patterns harmoniously. It’s so much fun to explore Adobe Illustrator’s diverse digital tools to create and manage patterns. Giorgia Smiraglia guides you step-by-step to design complex patterns inspired by your surroundings.

Creative Patterns for Graphic Design
Creative Patterns for Graphic Design

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