Oigo Identity by Saad Branding+Design

Oigo – audio studio identity development by Saad Branding+Design.

Here comes a fine example of how to transform a small audio studio into a relevant and competitive brand. Saad branding+design is a Curitiba, Brazil based award-winning consultancy with a focus on communication and brand development. Their creative team was recently commissioned to create a new visual language for Oigo, an audio studio located in the south of Brazil. After extensive investigations, they developed a whole new brand experience that definitely transformed the small studio into a much bigger brand. Feel free and reed more details below the first image.

Oigo identity by saad branding+design.
Oigo identity development by saad branding+design, an award-winning consultancy from Brazil.

Audio studio – branding case study.

The name ‘Oigo’ comes from the verb ‘oír’, which means ‘listen’ in Spanish. The brand name has two meanings: listening to music and clients. The whole concept of the new identity is based on a friendly, colorful, and uncomplicated experience. It defines visually the studio’s uncomplicated but yet highly professional work. The variety of different voices and musical styles is represented by the mix of colors. As part of the identity development, the team of saad branding+design has created an extensive stationery set; promotional items such us t-shorts, cups, buttons, etc; and a new responsive website.

Below you can find a few examples of their beautiful work. For more, please do not hesitate and visit their website, you can find it here: saad-studio.com

Stationery and printed collateral.
A few examples of the stationery set and printed collateral.
Close up of the stationery.
Here you can see a close up of the stationery system.
Oigo buttons.
Promotional items: buttons.
Tea and coffee cups.
Tea and coffee cups.
Memory sticks.
Also these colorful memory sticks are part of the set of promotional items.
Home page.
This is the home page of the new responsive website.
Another image of a website screen.

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