OFFF Festival Redesign by CROWD Studio

OFFF Festival Re-Branding.

The renowned OFFF Festival got a new face. Barcelona based CROWD Studio was commissioned to create a complete redesign of the festival’s existing visual identity. Due to OFFF Festival’s international growth, a new communication was needed. The client asked for a design that reflects a compact but also dynamic brand. Besides a range of printed communication materials, there was also the need of a new website and mobile app for the festival.

Some years ago the OFFF Festival was known as a pure online flash film festival. With the years, new creative disciplines were added to the festival and the three F lost their meaning. That’s why the logo needed a complete revision. CROWD Studio decided to create an imagotype based on clear graphic shapes.

Several applications such as stationery, t-shirts and bags, posters, signage, flyers and merchandising materials were created.

The new festival website and mobile app got a completely new way of navigation, which is coherent with the brand. CROWD Studio transfered the new symbolic letters F into a new navigation system. They used overlying layers for each level of content. The website navigation works with vertically overlying layers, while the mobile app was made with horizontally overlying layers.

OFFF Festival - Logo Redesign by CROWD Studio
Logo Redesign by CROWD Studio
OFFF Festival Merchandising
Merchandising – t-shirts and bags
OFFF Festival Business Cards
Business Cards
OFFF Festival - Event CD Cover Design
Event CD Cover Design
OFFF Festival Flyers
Festival Flyers
OFFF Festival Website
New Festival Website
OFFF Festival App
New Mobile App