MYST, an experimental video directed by Thomas Blanchard.

Directed by Thomas Blanchard, Myst is an experimental video combining geometric shapes with colorful acrylic inks. The mesmerizing video is the first part of the exhibition “Kingdom of Colors”, which took place at the art gallery “Arthouse” in Washington DC.

Some stills and full credits can be found below the video. To see more of Thomas Blanchard’s creative work, please visit his website or follow him on Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Behance.

MYST - Experimental Video by Thomas Blanchard.
MYST – Experimental Video by Thomas Blanchard.

Any footage © by Thomas Blanchard. The film is also featured on our popular YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe here.

Director: Thomas Blanchard
Second Director: Jeremy Blanchard
Music: Whirlwind by Velvet Coffee
Leonardo Villiger
Christophe Dugne-Esquevin


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