Say hello to Ptashka, an American brand that offers Ukrainian cuisine.

Ptashka™ is a culinary journey to Ukraine, offering authentic Ukrainian cuisine crafted with family traditions in mind. For all New Yorkers who want to indulge in the flavor of new and tasty dishes, Ptashka™ delivers an experience that brings the spirit of Ukraine straight into their homes!

The family has the remarkable ability to make life more enjoyable and much simpler. This is especially true when a member of the family continues their cherished food traditions, such as preparing tasty yet healthy dishes. For instance, when grandma cooks dinner for everyone in the household, it can foster an atmosphere of tranquility and contentment while strengthening our bonds with one another.

Agency Brandon Archibald was commissioned to work on a suitable brand identity for Ptashka™. The most inspiration for the brand solution came from Halyna, the client’s mother and the keeper of the home hearth. Halyna is also the heart and the soul of the Ptashka™ business.

Below you can see a few images of Brandon Archibald’s great work. For more, please visit their website or follow them on Behance.

Ptashka branding by Brandon Archibald
Ptashka branding by Brandon Archibald

All images © Brandon Archibald. Do not hesitate to browse through our Branding and Graphic Design sections for more inspiring projects from all over the world.

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