Myriad Pro Font Family from Adobe

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The Myriad Pro font family, an Adobe Originals design.

Myriad was first published in 1992 as an Adobe Originals typeface design. The team of Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, Fred Brady, and Christopher Slye has worked on this sans serif font. Myriad quickly became very popular for the use as legible text font as well as display font.

The Myriad Pro font family is a special OpenType release with an extended character set that also supports Greek and Cyrillic glyphs. Myriad Pro comes with additional old style figures and the support for all common Latin-based languages has been improved by the design team. The entire type family consists of 40 fonts in total (including condensed, normal, and extended widths in several weights and italics). Its sans serif typeface offers clean and open shapes with a harmonious and humanistic letter treatment of proportions.

The Myriad Pro font family works excellent in long and small texts, while its different weights and widths provide a great variety of characteristics for display use.

You can buy the Myriad Pro font family on

Myriad Pro font family from Adobe
Myriad Pro font family from Adobe

Adobe’s Myriad Pro font family is available for purchase on

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