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Discovering Stasis: The Versatile Geometric Typeface by Paulo Goode

Typography aficionados and design professionals, gather around as we delve into the captivating world of Stasis, a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Paulo Goode. This typeface is not just another addition to your font collection; it is a multi-faceted gem that promises to elevate your design projects with its unique features and versatility.

Stasis is a typeface that exudes charm and functionality. It is built on the simplicity of geometric shapes, yet it carries subtle humanistic nuances that soften its overall appearance. This combination of geometric precision and human touch makes Stasis a friendly and approachable font family.

Stasis font family by Paulo Goode
Stasis font family by Paulo Goode

The Allure of Four Fonts in One

What sets Stasis apart is its inherent flexibility. By incorporating Stasis into your design toolkit, you are essentially gaining access to “four fonts in one.” This typeface family is a delight for branding designers, as it is meticulously crafted to handle logotypes, headlines, and titles with aplomb. While Stasis is charismatic and impactful in its standard form, it truly shines when its stylistic sets are activated.

Unveiling the Stylistic Sets

Stasis offers three distinct stylistic sets that provide a range of visual expressions, allowing designers to create impressive headlines, masterful logos, and striking book and film titles effortlessly.

  • Stylistic Set 1: Stencil – This set features a straightforward stencil style with carefully chosen cuts across each character, adding an industrial yet refined edge to your design.
  • Stylistic Set 2: Slice – Emulating the concept of a slice, this set introduces a dynamic feel to the typeface by incorporating a slice taken out of each glyph. This unique characteristic brings a fresh and modern look to any project.
  • Stylistic Set 3: Notch – The Notch set offers a slight incision in the body of the characters, creating the illusion of a third dimension. This well-crafted notched style infuses a sense of movement and depth into the typeface.

Comprehensive Font Family

The Stasis typeface family comprises 16 fonts, ranging from Light to Ultra in both Roman and Italic versions. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of unicase typography, where small caps harmonize seamlessly with lowercase letters. This extensive range ensures that Stasis can adapt to a variety of design needs, from subtle and understated to bold and attention-grabbing.

Stasis is designed to support a wide array of languages, covering Latin-based European languages and Cyrillic scripts. This broad linguistic coverage makes Stasis a versatile choice for global brands and multilingual projects.

The Variable Font Advantage

For those who seek even greater flexibility, Stasis offers a variable font (available separately). This single variable font encompasses all weights and italic angles, with every increment in between. This feature allows designers to fine-tune their typography to match their precise stylistic preferences, providing unparalleled control over the final output.

In summary, Stasis by Paulo Goode is a captivating geometric sans-serif typeface that offers a unique blend of simplicity and humanistic charm. Its versatility, driven by its three stylistic sets and extensive font family, makes it an invaluable asset for designers. Whether you’re crafting logos, headlines, or titles, Stasis is poised to deliver outstanding results with its multifaceted design and comprehensive language support. Embrace the flexibility and creativity that Stasis brings to your projects and watch your designs come to life with elegance and impact.

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