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Published by Graphite, Magenos is a sans-serif font family designed by Deepak Dogra.

The Magenos font family is based on a contemporary geometric sans-serif typeface. The family is mostly characterized by a unique design along with simplicity and extensive functionality. Its open apertures, geometric architecture, and low contrast strokes result in a modernistic, neutral, yet friendly appearance. You can use it for plenty of typographic work including headlines and long text sections. The Magenos font family is equally suitable for both print and screen usage. Equipped with 14 fonts in total including true italics and plenty of OpenType features, this typeface is a true workhorse.

The OpenType features include stylistic alternates, standard ligatures, old-style and lining (proportional and tabular) numerals, slashed zero, and a variety of symbols. Just click on the following link to learn more about the Magenos font family.

Magenos font family by Graphite
Magenos font family by Graphite

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