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Stippling Graphite Artworks by David Bayo

David Bayo's surreal graphite artworks consist of thousands and even millions of dots. David Bayo is a French self-taught illustrator who currently lives and works...
Xerox #6, graphite on paper drawing by Melissa Cooke

“Surfaced” Graphite on Paper Drawings by Melissa Cooke

"Surfaced - Portraiture" Selected drawings from a series of artworks called "Surfaced" created in 2012 by artist Melissa Cooke. Artist Statement: "Surfaced" acknowledges the relationship between...
SEMBLANCE - Pencil and graphite drawing by Von

Pencil Drawings: Semblance and Bird Series by Von

Fascinating Experimental Visual Art. This is an outstanding collection of artworks of the Semblance and Bird series by London-based illustrator and artist Von. Since I...