Loop Animations by Eran Mendel

Funny loop animations by illustrator and animator, Eran Mendel.

Here comes another set of funny loop animations. This time I want to show you the hilarious work of Eran Mendel. The illustrator and animator specializes in character design and illustration. He mainly works for advertising, TV commercials, print, web and mobile design. In 2004, he has graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Since that time he works as a freelance illustrator and animator for both national and international clients. In addition to all the commissioned work for diverse clients from different business areas, he still loves to create funny character designs or loop animations for fun.

Below you can see some examples of his animated GIFs. These little animations are great fun to watch. This simple and minimalist illustrated style makes them so funny special. You can find much more of Eran Mendel character designs and animations on his website. Please check it out here. To stay up to date with his latest work, feel free and follow him on Facebook or watch some of his short video clips on Vimeo. And last but not least, the talented guy is also on Dribbble. That’s enough from me, enjoy the four funny loop animations below!

Massage loop animation by Eran Mendel.
Massage loop animation by Eran Mendel. Looks like a hard decision, but in this rare case I would prefer to get a massage by the guy to the right.
Two wrestlers illustrated and animated.
Monday Mornings, sometimes it feels like wrestling. Over and over again, I would say, no more words needed.
Animated GIF of a guy trying to pack a cat.
Animated GIF of a guy trying to pack a cat. That’s so simple but yet funny and cute.
'Forward backward', a little tank animation.
‘Forward backward’, a little tank animation. It’s hard to stop looking at it over and over again.

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