Discover this extensive logo design collection by Polish graphic designer Łukasz Kokosiński.

It’s already the time of the year when most creatives looking back to what they have achieved during the past months and that’s exactly what we want to do today, but not only a few months—we will have a look at the following collection of various logo designs created over several years by Łukasz Kokosiński, a Polish graphic designer specializing in branding, art direction, and web design. While working as a freelance designer for a broad range of clients, the logos have been created in the course of various branding projects. Using simple graphic shapes and typography, Łukasz Kokosiński managed to produce a diverse mix of styles.

In my opinion, that’s what professional logo design is all about—by using only simple geometric shapes, it should be possible to visualize a logo with only one color. Just see it for yourself. For more of his outstanding work, please visit Łukasz Kokosiński’s website or follow him on Behance.

Logo collection by Polish graphic designer Łukasz Kokosiński.
Logo collection by Polish graphic designer Łukasz Kokosiński.

All images © by Łukasz Kokosiński. Feel free to have a look at our extensive Graphic Design and Branding categories to find more work for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

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