Begin creating distinctive brand identities using a creative process that is both uncomplicated and distinct.

Designing or redesigning a logo does not have a fixed method, and there are countless possibilities. Rubén Ferlo is a designer who focuses on brand design and logos with a particular interest in minimalism and reductionism. He believes in the “less is more” approach, which he has developed based on his experience and design perspective. Rubén has worked with numerous clients, including startups and major companies.

Rubén’s course will teach you his step-by-step creative process for mastering graphic simplification when designing logos. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to create brands that are both simple and memorable, all while maintaining your unique style.

Logo Design: Graphic Simplification and Minimalism
Logo Design: Graphic Simplification and Minimalism

What topics or subjects will be covered in this online course?

The course kicks off with Rubén sharing his career beginnings in graphic design, discussing his “less is more” design philosophy, and revealing his sources of inspiration.

This course will teach you important branding concepts and provide Rubén’s insights on logo design. He will cover topics such as graphic simplification, style, shape, and other relevant elements that need to be considered while designing. You will also learn effective ways to begin your project, from interpreting the brief to conceptualization. This includes creating a mood board to help visualize your concept and start to sketch.

It’s time to begin the design process! Use your sketches to create vectors and make corrections for composition and visual elements. After creating the image, Rubén will guide you in selecting the appropriate typeface and explain how to incorporate color properties and meanings to establish a strong color palette.

To improve your image, follow these steps: choose the appropriate size and spacing, experiment with various versions until you find the best one, and then apply it to different formats to include it in your final presentation.

What is the project for this course?

Apply Rubén’s theory of graphic simplification to redesign a brand’s logo.

For whom is this online course intended? This tutorial is intended for designers, creative professionals, and anyone who wants to learn how to create a simplified logo design for a brand.

Please provide the requirements and materials needed.

To succeed, you should have fundamental graphic design expertise and feel comfortable starting a project from scratch. For supplies, you’ll need a notebook with graph paper and a pen or pencil, as well as a computer equipped with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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