Jungho Lee – Book-Related Illustrations

Surreal book-related illustrations by Jungho Lee.

Jungho Lee is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Since 2007, he has worked for a variety of personal and commissioned projects. The selected images below were created from 2015 to 2016. They are part of a series of book-related work. Just like books, they seem to tell stories. Jungho Lee skillfully combines his illustrative work with a modern twist. Using a similar color scheme, his illustrations convey a touch of melancholy. They seem to visualize certain memories, feelings, fears, and dreams. I hope you also enjoy the selection below. For those of you who want to see more of Jungho Lee’s illustrative work, please visit his website.

Fall, 2016 - Illustrations by Jungho Lee.
Fall, 2016 – Illustrations by Jungho Lee. Just like books, his artworks tell stories.
A Sunday Afternoon, 2016
A Sunday Afternoon, work from 2016.
Ark, an illustration by Jungho Lee from 2015.
Ark, a lovely illustration created in 2015. Check out this fantastic work with a surreal twist.
Cosmos, work from 2015 by Korean illustrator Jungho Lee.
Cosmos, another work from 2015 created by Korean illustrator Jungho Lee.
Departure, 2016
Departure, a dreamlike work created in 2016.
Enchanted, 2016
When stories come true… Enchanted, an illustrative work from 2016.
Heritage, 2015
This illustration from 2015 is called “Heritage”.
Into Silence, 2016
Into Silence, another lovely work from 2016. This dreamlike artwork creates a sense of solitariness.
Invitation, 2015
Invitation, 2015 – When a story draws you inside.
Oblivion, 2015
Oblivion, 2015 – Surreal and dreamlike work.
Old Evening, 2015
Old Evening, 2015
Sabbath Morning, 2015
Sabbath Morning, 2015 – Have a tea, read a book or eat it like a cake.

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