Journal Sans New Font Family

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The Journal Sans New font family from ParaType.

Journal Sans New was designed by Maria Selezeneva with the help of Alexandra Korolkova for publisher ParaType. The typeface is a revival of the original Journal Sans font from the Type Design Department of SPA of Printing Machinery in Moscow, which was developed in the years of 1940 – 1956. Journal Sans was based on font specifications of classic geometric sans-serifs from the 1920s such as Erbar Grotesk by Jacob Erbar and Metro Sans by William A. Dwiggins. These sans serif typefaces convey the spirit of industrialization.

The original Journal Sans was digitized in the early 1990s. The font family consisted of only three typefaces and still retained some problems of early font digitizations such as inaccurate curves or side-bearings copied from metal-type version.

Journal Sans New puts an end to these problems and the lack of diversity. In a first revision, Olexa Volochay corrected the curves and expanded the character set. The latest release includes different improvements by font designer Maria Selezeneva to make this sans serif typeface work better in digital typography and contemporary design. She additionally extended the character set, added some alternatives, and improved the side-bearings and kerning for a better legibility. Journal Sans New is now equipped with true Italics, an Inline typeface based on the Bold version, and a new Display typeface.

Several OpenType features and the multiple language support make Journal Sans New a professional sans serif type family.

You can buy the entire font family on

Journal Sans New Font Family from ParaType
Journal Sans New Font Family from ParaType
Journal Sans New Type Family
Journal Sans New Font Family

The complete type family is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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