Jen Mann – Self Absolve

Self Absolve, a series of dreamlike paintings by Toronto-based artist Jen Mann.

Born in 1987, Jen Mann is an outstanding artist who currently lives and works in Toronto. Her latest series of paintings called “Self Absolve” provides a nostalgic mood in rich colors. With pop cultural influences and a good dose of humor, Jen Mann transforms personal experiences and feelings into dreamlike artworks. “Self Absolve” is an exploration of her own personality. Furthermore, the talented artist uses different symbols to visualize diverse states of mind such as love, fear, desire, happiness and sadness. Please read more below.

Lolita – painting by Toronto-based artist Jen Mann.
Lolita – painting by Toronto-based artist Jen Mann.

Opening October 15, 2016, a fine selection of her latest paintings will be on display at Cordesa Fine Art in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, a few artworks can be seen below. For those of you who want to know more about Jen Mann, please visit her website. The artist is represented by Rostad Edwards (Miami) and Bright Side Gallery (Amsterdam).

Left painting: "Because I Wanted Them To Last Forever"; right painting: "Because Nothing Ever Does"
Left painting: “Because I Wanted Them To Last Forever”; right painting: “Because Nothing Ever Does”
Donut Diet
Donut Diet
Happy and sad
Happy and sad.

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