An identity concept based on imperfection.

Sr. y Sra. Wilson is a strategic design studio located in Barcelona. They have been commissioned to develop a suitable brand identity for ‘Imperfect’, a community restaurant with the aim to help people at risk of social exclusion to reintegrate into society. Due to personal help and training in catering, they want to give people a second chance. “We love imperfection”, has been chosen as brand essence. The message is that we are all imperfect, but we are all useful and valuable.

The creative team of Sr. y Sra. Wilson was responsible for the complete brand strategy and identity as well as naming, signage and interior design elements. To develop the identity, they took some inspiration from the Japanese philosophy technique of ‘kintsugi’, which describes breakage and repair as part of an object’s history that should be displayed instead of disguised. Some images of their work can be found below. For more, please have a look at their website or check out the studio’s portfolio on Behance.

Branding materials.
Some of the branding materials.
Brand identity based on imperfection.
A brand identity based on imperfection.
Brand strategy and identity design by Sr. y Sra. Wilson.
Brand strategy and identity design by Sr. y Sra. Wilson.
Restaurant interior.
The restaurant interior.
Beauty found in inequality.
Beauty found in inequality.

All images © by Sr. y Sra. Wilson.


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