Check out Maat Studio’s captivating festival design for IFest Generalitat de Catalunya.

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, a graphic design studio named Maat has been making waves with its innovative and captivating designs. Founded in 2018 by Anna Dinarès and Marc Sans, Maat Studio has quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to visual communication. One of their most notable achievements is the festival design they created for IFest Generalitat de Catalunya.

Setting the Stage: IFest Generalitat de Catalunya is an annual festival organized by the Catalan government to celebrate the region’s rich cultural heritage. From music performances to art and design exhibitions, the festival showcases the diverse talents of Catalonia. When Maat Studio was tasked with designing the festival’s visual identity, they approached it with a fresh perspective and a deep understanding of the event’s essence. Please read more below. You can see more of the festival’s identity and other projects on Maat Studio’s website or follow them on Behance.

IFest Generalitat de Catalunya - design by Maat Studio
IFest Generalitat de Catalunya – design by Maat Studio

The Concept: Maat Studio’s design concept for IFest Generalitat de Catalunya revolved around the fusion of tradition and modernity, reflecting the dynamic nature of Catalonia’s culture. They aimed to create a visual language that would resonate with both locals and international visitors, capturing the spirit of the festival while paying homage to Catalonia’s roots.

Inspiration and Execution: Drawing inspiration from Catalan art, architecture, and nature, Maat Studio crafted a design that seamlessly merged traditional motifs with contemporary aesthetics. The studio’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every element of the festival’s visual identity, from the logo to the promotional materials.

The Logo: The centerpiece of Maat Studio’s design is the festival logo, which features a harmonious blend of geometric shapes and vivid colors. The logo’s bold typography represents the festival’s modernity. The colors used in the logo evoke the energy and liveliness of the festival, creating a captivating visual impact.

Promotional Materials: Maat Studio’s design extended beyond the festival’s logo, encompassing a wide range of promotional materials. From posters and banners to social media graphics and merchandise, every element maintained the consistent and visually engaging style established by the logo. The use of typography, color schemes, and carefully curated imagery ensured that the festival’s branding remained cohesive across all platforms.

Impact and Reception: Maat Studio’s festival design for IFest Generalitat de Catalunya received widespread acclaim in the design community. The visually stunning and thoughtfully executed branding elevates the festival experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Through their collaboration with IFest Generalitat de Catalunya, Maat Studio demonstrated their ability to create visually striking designs that connect with audiences on a deep level. By seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, they crafted a festival branding that celebrates Catalonia’s culture while appealing to a diverse audience. Maat Studio’s work for IFest Generalitat de Catalunya serves as a testament to their exceptional design skills and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual communication.

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