Who to follow on Instagram to get a daily dose of graphic design inspiration? Check out this list of talented graphic designers and leading studios.

Without any doubt, Instagram is currently the world’s most influential social media channel. Despite these countless selfies and food images, which are posted daily by millions of users, Instagram can also be an amazing source of creative inspiration. No matter what you are looking for—photography, fashion, interior, animation, art or any kind of professional design, you can find a lot of amazing accounts on Instagram. Whether young emerging graphic designers or internationally known professional creatives and leading design studios, everyone is using Instagram as both a source of inspiration and a way to showcase their work to a broad audience of like-minded people. If you want to know who’s worth to follow, just have a look at the following list of top graphic designers on Instagram.

David Carson

David Carson (@davidcarson) is not just a legendary graphic designer, typographer, and teacher, he is also an outstanding surfer (even today with over 60 years of age). During his time in college, he already surfed in the Pro Tour and finished 9th place in the world rankings. After graduating in 1977, he became a teacher until he studied Graphic Design in 1980, which was the cornerstone of his great career as one of the most influential graphic designers for several decades and his passion for surfing has significantly influenced his graphic style until today.

Graphic Designer David Carson on Instagram
David Carson (@davidcarson)

Hey Studio

Founded by graphic designer Verònica Fuerte (@veronicafuerte), Hey Studio (@heystudio) is one of Barcelona’s most popular creative studios. They work on graphic design and illustration projects for clients from all over the world. In addition, they produce stunning poster designs that are also available in their own online shop. Hey Studio’s Instagram profile is a must-follow for everyone who loves graphics in bold, bright colors and geometric shapes.

Hey Studio on Instagram
Hey Studio (@heystudio)

Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister (@stefansagmeister) recently stepped away from all commercial work to continue working on exhibitions and self-generated design projects. He currently has an open call on his Instagram account. Creatives are invited to send him their work to get the chance of a review within Stefan Sagmeister’s account.

Stefan Sagmeister on Instagram
Stefan Sagmeister (@stefansagmeister)

Fatih Hardal

Fatih Hardal (@_hardal) is an Istanbul-based art director, graphic designer, and type designer. His Instagram is one of my personal favorites when it comes to inspiring poster designs and experimental typography. During the last years, he has collaborated with a wide range of clients from around the globe. Follow him of you have a passion for typography and eye-catch graphic design.

Fatih Hardal on Instagram
Fatih Hardal (@_hardal)


Baugasm (@baugasm) has started as a daily poster project by visual designer Vasjen Katro (@vasjenkatro). There are currently many guys doing similar projects to challenge themselves on a daily bases but what Vasjen is doing seems to be on a different level. He masterfully combines simple graphic shapes with striking gradients and 3D objects to create mind-blowing posters. Within only 3 years, his followers have grown to over 180k.

Baugasm on Instagram
Baugasm (@baugasm)


Pentagram (@pentagramdesign) is one of the major players in the world of graphic design and branding. With offices in London, New York, Austin, and Berlin, they specialize in a variety of creative fields including graphic design, brand development, architecture, interior design, product design, packaging, exhibitions, installations, advertising, communication, websites and digital experiences. Pentagram’s Instagram account gives you a glimpse into their creative universe.

Pentagram on Instagram
Pentagram (@pentagramdesign)

Hugh Miller

Co-founder of Bond London, Hugh Miller (@neue_miller) is an award-winning graphic designer with great taste and outstanding skills. Before joining Bond, he worked at SPIN as well as Nokia and Microsoft’s in-house design team. His Instagram account serves as a design archive and showcase of various graphics, artworks, and sketches. It’s definitely a great source of creative inspiration for both experienced designers and students.

Hugh Miller on Instagram
Hugh Miller (@neue_miller)

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh), the former partner of Stefan Sagmeister at Sagmeister & Walsh, just recently established her own creative agency named &Walsh (@andwalsh). If you are looking for concentrated girl power mixed with a good dose of extravagance, black humor, rich colors, and creative advertising projects, you should follow her on Instagram.

Jessica Walsh on Instagram
Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh)

Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill (@anthonyburrill) is an internationally recognized graphic artist, printmaker, and designer. His creative work is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York. Furthermore, and has been exhibited in various galleries around the world.

Anthony Burrill on Instagram
Anthony Burrill (@anthonyburrill)

Leta Sobierajski

Based in New York City, Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski) is a graphic designer and art director who loves to mix up photographs, art, and design to create striking visuals. Her Instagram account also includes countless shots from her everyday life. Give it a follow!

Leta Sobierajski on Instagram
Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski)

Alex Trochut

Born in Barcelona, Alex Trochut (@trochut) currently lives and works as a graphic designer, lettering artist, and illustrator in New York City. Trochut’s followers love the diverse mix of geometric designs, illustrations, and typography, which can be seen on his channel in large quantities and particularly creative variants.

Alex Trochut on Instagram
Alex Trochut (@trochut)

Kelli Anderson

This is the perfect account to get a daily overdose of graphic design inspiration as well as colorful illustrations, typography, and other highly creative stuff. Kelli Anderson (@kellianderson) is a graphic designer who’s totally in love with simple things. If you ask me, this profile is a must-follow!

Graphic Designer Kelli Anderson on Instagram
Kelli Anderson (@kellianderson)

Ryan Bosse

Ryan Bosse (@rdbosse) is a San Francisco-based graphic designer and illustrator who’s currently working at studio Stout. His colorful work is characterized by simplicity and a modern, flat style. The Instagram account is a showcase of his latest projects including packaging designs, clothing, brand identities, logos, prints, etc. If you are passionate about lovely graphics with a touch of vintage, this profile is your daily dose of creative inspiration!

Graphic Designer Ryan Bosse on Instagram
Ryan Bosse (@rdbosse)

Mark Bloom

Mark Bloom, also known as Mash Creative (@mashcreative), ist a graphic designer, author, and type designer based in the UK. With about 20 years of experience specializing in a wide range of projects, this guy has amazing skills. During his long career, he worked with clients of all sizes and from various sectors.

Graphic Designer Mark Bloom aka Mash Creative on Instagram
Mark Bloom (@mashcreative)

Kate Moross

Among the graphic designers on Instagram, Kate Moross (@atemoross) belongs to the unadjusted, wild ones, who skillfully mix different styles, colors, and media to achieve something unique. Kate is working as an art director and her body of work is known for striking colors and Japan-inspired aesthetics.

Kate Moross on Instagram
Kate Moross (@atemoross)

Riley Cran

Riley Cran (@RileyCran) is a passionate type designer and lettering artist. His Instagram account is filled with a variety of work. It’s fun to follow him and discover so many different typefaces and graphics. If you want to stay up-to-date with his latest work and font releases, just follow him on Instagram.

Riley Cran on Instagram
Riley Cran (@RileyCran)

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas (@xpatrickthomas) is a graphic artist, author, and educator based in Berlin, Germany. His Instagram account features a great mix of work including poster design, sketches, university projects, simple graphics, and images from the latest design and art exhibitions.

Patrick Thomas on Instagram
Patrick Thomas (@xpatrickthomas)

WE AND THE COLOR on Instagram: featuring artists, graphic designers, photographers and other creative professionals from all over the world.

In line with this topic, I would like to take this opportunity to mention the official Instagram account of WE AND THE COLOR (@weandthecolor). If you are interested in a variety of creative fields such as design, photography, visual art, and architecture, just give us a follow. You are also invited to tag your creative work on Instagram with #weandthecolor or mention our channel @weandthecolor to suggest your work for a possible feature.

WE AND THE COLOR on Instagram
WE AND THE COLOR (@weandthecolor), Images © by the respective artists.

That’s our list of some of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram. Follow them and your Instagram feed will become a great source of creative inspiration! In addition, you can also find a wide range of inspiring projects created by talented designers and leading studios from around the globe in our popular Graphic Design category.


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