Graphic design, branding, and packaging by Parametro Studio for the expert chocolatiers of Grand Cru.

The client came to Parametro Studio with the request for a brand experience that reflects the excellent quality of their product. Parametro Studio’s design team has developed a packaging system with vibrant colors and metallic finishes. The whole concept is inspired by nostalgia and the desire of tasting a fresh chocolate bar. The result is a packaging collection that easily differentiates each bar’s distinctive taste by a special color scheme. A few images can be found below. For more, please visit the Parametro Studio website.

Grand Cru - brand and packaging design by Parametro Studio.
Grand Cru – brand and packaging design by Parametro Studio.
Expert chocolatiers
A graphic design and packaging project produced for expert chocolatiers.
Stacked chocolate packaging.
Some stacked chocolate packaging.
Delicious chocolates
Delicious chocolates.
Some more packaging design.
Some more packaging design.

All images © by Parametro Studio. Feel free to find more inspiring work in our Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Design categories. It’s our aim to show you inspiring work from all over the world.


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