A cohesive and visually pleasing swatchbook system designed by agency Tolleson for Gmund papers.

In today’s paper industry, a swatchbook is definitely the most important sales tool. As part of an initiative to update Gmund’s swatchbook system, the San Francisco, CA based creative agency Tolleson was asked to create a cohesive and visually pleasing collection that showcases the capabilities and special features of each paper. Furthermore, the system serves as a testament to each product’s artistry and uniqueness as well as usability and printability. Tolleson’s creative team has created unique swatchbook covers based on the paper’s specific character and quality. In addition, a vivid range of imagery has been employed, including landscapes, portraits, still life, and abstract images.

“Inside each swatchbook, the pages feature an array of product finishes and colors as well as designs that highlight a variety of techniques, including offset printing, hot-foil stamping, embossing and debossing, silkscreen, letterpress, and engraving.”

Some examples can be found below. For more, please have a look at Tolleson’s website.

Swatchbook covers based on each paper's unique character and quality.
Swatchbook covers based on each paper’s unique character and quality.
Gmund Gold collection.
Gmund Gold collection.
Letterpress papers and many more.
Letterpress papers and many more.
Cover designs.
Some of the cover designs.

All images © by creative agency Tolleson. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring work in our popular Graphic Design and Branding categories.


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