Cynthia Mak’s first independent art project is based on reinterpreting Chinese characters as geometric shapes.

When Cynthia Mak was a child, she viewed and comprehended Chinese characters as imaginative images before breaking them down into their component shapes – much like how the ancient Chinese created symbols from pictograms. With this technique of visualization and division, Cynthia successfully memorized each character for years to come.

In 2021, she began to see Chinese characters as more than just words but also as shapes that could be manipulated to bring out the emotion behind their meaning. As her project progressed, the letters slowly shattered into individual strokes which were then reimagined into striking forms. This new approach enabled her artwork to emotionally resonate with anyone regardless of language barriers.

Acrylic paints adorn Cynthia’s Geometric Characters series with vivid colors and abstract designs, yet each character holds its own positive message of love, wealth, or happiness. Painted to spread joy and optimism wherever it is seen, the artwork boasts a bright palette that captures these uplifting themes for all who view them. Through her artistry, Cynthia hopes to bring peace and positivity to every corner of the world!

Below you can see six pieces of Cynthia Mak’s Geometric Characters series. For those who want to know more about this talented Hong Kong-based artist, feel free to visit Cynthia Mak’s website or follow her on Behance.

Geometric Characters by Cynthia Mak
Geometric Characters by Cynthia Mak

All images © by Cynthia Mak. Do not hesitate to take a look at the Art section on WE AND THE COLOR to find more inspiring work from around the globe.


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