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Take this set of five advanced Adobe Photoshop online courses to become a pro.

Carles Marsal is a Barcelona-based visual artist and art director. Just recently, we introduced you to his online courses for Photoshop newbies. This time, we want to go much deeper with his set of five online courses for advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques.

In this set of five online courses, Carles Marsal guides you through some of the most advanced features of Photoshop to help you create amazing work.

In the first course, you will learn about Photoshop’s vector capabilities. Carles Marsal will show you advanced methods for selecting and separating elements.

In the second course, you will discover blending modes, including specific details, applications, and different uses in photography and illustration.

The third course focuses on styles and text. Understand their range of possibilities and how to manage them correctly when applied to your work.

For your fourth course, you will dive into the possibilities of smart objects, which allow you to modify and edit quickly in a non-destructive way—something that was previously impossible.

The fifth and final course is about smart filters and how they differ from normal filters. You will finish by getting some final working tips from Carles.

Take advanced Adobe Photoshop online courses to become a pro.
Take these advanced Adobe Photoshop online courses to become a pro.

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