Take a look at the Cork Facade Mountain House by atelier SAD and Iveta Zachariášová.

Architecture firm atelier SAD teamed up with interior designer Iveta Zachariášová for this beautiful family house at Rašovka. It is located on the southern slope of the Ještěd ridge, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, offering a breathtaking view of the scenery of the Bohemian mountains and valleys.

This amazing view and the integration of the interior spaces into the landscape were the main motifs of the architectural concept. The landscape is open, passable, and dominated by flowering, unfenced meadows. Along the northern side of the property, there is a road on top of an embankment to which the house had to be connected. Therefore, a part of the building’s roof is intended for parking vehicles. A greater part of the building is covered by a saddle roof with a variable pitch ranging from 43° to 30° on the eastern gable. The slender mass of the house cuts diagonally into the steep slope of the road, and the ridge seems to slope down into the garden.

“The interior design of the house with the internal layout of the rooms may have been created earlier than the house itself,” says Iveta Zachariášová, interior designer and co-author of the entire project, especially of the interior.

Below you can see a few images of the project. For more, please visit the websites of atelier SAD and Iveta Zachariášová.

Family House at Rašovka on the Ještěd Ridge
Family House at Rašovka on the Ještěd Ridge

All images © by atelier SAD and Iveta Zachariášová. Do not hesitate to find other inspiring architecture and interior design projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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