Rare Volume designed a modern digital signage system for Industry City.

Industry City in Brooklyn, NY underwent a redesign by Rare Volume. They designed a modern digital signage system for the transformation. This has turned the historic waterfront region into an innovation hub campus city filled with engineering, design, manufacturing, and so on. Please read below the images or visit the Rare Volume website to get further information.

Rare Volume designed a modern digital signage system for Industry City.
Rare Volume designed a modern digital signage system for Industry City.

The IC campus, which comprises 16 buildings on 35 acres, includes waterfront green spaces, retail outlets, public art installations, and creative work studios. Rare Volume devised and implemented a wayfinding system in conjunction with the Industry City team that automatically deploys marketing content to signage locations throughout the site. The signing also provides directional information to help visitors navigate the campus.

The area was founded in the 1800s and used for distribution and manufacturing. To pay homage to this history, they chose design elements that reflect the iconic textures and materials of the buildings on site.

The software system is designed to be easily maintained by staff. It takes text and media directly from IC’s website CMS and reorganizes it into dynamic content templates for the signage screens. This way, IC can customize per sign location what content is being displayed as well as review all current content via the custom-built signage CMS.

The signage software creates cohesive packages based on the content in the signage CMS and scheduling rules. All content is displayed randomly so that every tenant gets equal representation, and the display looks different each day.

All images © by Rare Volume. Check out other inspiring projects in the Graphic Design and Branding categories on WE AND THE COLOR.

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