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Take this online course to learn conceptualization and techniques of digital illustration.

This is an online course by visual artist and illustrator Raul Urias. In this course, he will teach you how to conceptualize an idea and illustrate a poster. You should have basic knowledge of drawing and Adobe Photoshop. This course is great for illustrators, designers, draughtsmen, and anyone interested in learning the process of creation and conceptualization of an illustration. Consisting of 23 lessons, you will learn different working methods and how to develop and carry out the art direction of your project. You will discover where to look for inspiration and learn how to create a mood board. Thereafter, you will create your first sketches and the composition of your poster. Once you have done that, you will begin with the line art process and the coloring.

All lessons are available online at any time as video tutorials—so you can learn at your own pace. Just click on the following link to get further information.

Learn Conceptualisation and Techniques of Digital Illustration
Learn Conceptualization and Techniques of Digital Illustration

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