If you like it minimalist, then check out this series of posters.

Mitya Andrievskiy is a freelance graphic designer who lives and works in Limassol, Cyprus. With several years of experience, he works in a range of creative fields including Product Design, Web, UI/UX, and Branding. Mitya Andrievskiy has worked on a variety of projects for different businesses, from one-man, early-stage startups to large well-known brands.

The following minimalist poster series named ‘Cloner’ was made by Mitya Andrievskiy as a personal project to explore clean lines and repetitive patterns. Just visit Mitya Andrievskiy’s website or follow him on Dribbble to see more of his creative work.

Cloner poster series by Mitya Andrievskiy
Cloner poster series by Mitya Andrievskiy

All images © by Mitya Andrievskiy. Check out more inspiring projects in the Graphic Design category on WE AND THE COLOR.

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