Photographer Ivo Tavares shot some beautiful images of this outstanding home designed by Oval studio.

Located in Brufe in the north of Portugal, the terrain is almost flat and has a water line that borders the west side of the property. The house is composed of two parts, a taller one representing the most public areas of the house, the entrance, the generous living room, and the kitchen. The smaller and lower volume is facing the east side. It organizes four rooms, all arranged in a row.

Below you can see a few images shot by Ivo Tavares. For those who want to know more about this architectural project, please visit the website of studio Oval.

CASA EM BRUFE by Oval studio
CASA EM BRUFE by Oval studio

All images © by Ivo Tavares. Check out other inspiring architecture projects from all over the world on WE AND THE COLOR.

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