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This is the perfect online course for everyone who wants to learn how to create furniture out of wood with their own hands.

In this online course, designer and carpenter Israel Martín will show you that a handmade furniture piece of solid wood can be crafted with simple hand tools. When you take this course, you will learn to build a small cabinet. You will design your very own piece of furniture, choose the materials, build and varnish it.

This is an online course for beginners and professionals who want to broaden their knowledge of furniture making with manual woodworking tools. No previous knowledge is necessary. In terms of materials, you need wood, several woodworking tools such as a right-angle ruler, brushes, chisels, and a selection of saws and hammers. That’s it. Just click on the following link to learn more.

Carpentry Building Furniture with Hand Tools
Carpentry Building Furniture with Hand Tools

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