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Buy Art Prints from French Illustrator Quibe

Art prints by Quibe.

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Buy art prints created from simple lines by French illustrator Quibe.

Quibe is the name of a French illustrator who currently lives and works near Paris. He describes his drawings as minimalist experiments, because most of his elegant artworks are made with one single line. In this way, he creates fictitious illustrations as well as portraits of people, animals, plants, and diverse objects. Each work is characterized by a very elegant and minimalist touch. A fine selection of his most popular artworks is currently available for purchase on Society6. You can get these elegant drawings in different sizes as giclée prints. They are printed in gallery quality on natural white archival paper. Most artworks already include a custom trimmed border for framing.

Art prints by Quibe.
Feel free and discover more art prints by French illustrator Quibe on Society6.

Below you can find a few examples of his outstanding work. For further information and all purchasing options, just click on the following link.

You can get these prints here.

Close Noir – Giclée print by French illustrator Quibe. Using a dark background, the artist has created two faces from simple white lines.
Aladdin Sane / David Bowie minimalist portrait. He has created this artwork as tribute to one of the greatest musicians who sadly passed away on January 10, 2016. The complete portrait was drawn with only one line.
Kiss, drawing created from one single line. This is a very minimalist artwork, which looks perfect in any home.

You can buy these art prints on Society6.



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