An eco-modern brand design and packaging created by EIGA for the biodegradable toothbrush named ‘Biobrush’.

The Biobrush toothbrush is made in Germany from bioplastic derived from wood waste. Although it looks and feels like regular plastic, it offers an environmentally-friendly alternative. The brand and packaging design highlight this unique feature while incorporating a modern and sustainable aesthetic.

EIGA’s creative team had a blast giving the brand a fresh update with a modern word mark and a versatile symbol. The “little tree” not only pays homage to wood as the raw material but also evokes the refreshing splash of fresh water. Please read more below or visit EIGA’s website to get further information.

Brand and Packaging Design by EIGA for Biobrush
Brand and Packaging Design by EIGA for Biobrush

Despite being consistent, the design elements bring variety. Each product color is associated with a key visual that resembles plant shoots. The kid’s brushes packaging feature stars with names of different woods such as Oaky, Ginko & Co, illustrated in the same style to differentiate this line.

The brushes are made from wood leftovers sourced from nearby sustainable forests, which reduces transportation and lowers CO2 emissions. The product and packaging are both 96% biodegradable.

The Special Edition brushes are made from leftover granulation from a production run, resulting in a unique color gradient for each piece. This is reflected in the colorful outer packaging.

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