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Ranging from authentic retro styles to real paintbrush scans as well as modern graphics and geometric shapes, this is our selection of the 10 best Photoshop brushes every graphic designer should have.

Having a great collection of Photoshop brushes is essential for every designer who wants to work efficiently and quickly while being able to create designs in various styles. Those brush sets should offer a high resolution to ensure the best usability in any form of media including print and on-screen. The internet is full of free Photoshop brushes, but most of them are based on a very low resolution or the general quality is simply bad. That’s why we have created this special list of the 10 very best Photoshop brushes we could find.

Please note, all of the following brushes require Adobe Photoshop. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website—just have a look here. Below you can see our ten picks of the best Photoshop brushes. The selection ranges from authentic retro styles to real paintbrush scans as well as modern graphics and geometric shapes.

120 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

120 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes
These 120 watercolor Photoshop brushes are available here.

This is an amazing set of 120 stamp Photoshop brushes with watercolor textures. Using them, you can create trending watercolor styles in no time. All the stains were drawn by hand and carefully digitized. The super-natural look of these brushes is suitable for a wide range of designs including prints, apparel, wedding invitations, greeting cards, branding, packaging, fashion, and advertising, just to name a few.

Smooth Hair Flow Photoshop Brushes

Smooth Hair Flow Photoshop Brushes
This set of smooth hair flow Photoshop brushes is available here.

Thanks to this amazing collection of smooth hair flow Photoshop brushes, you can visualize your imagination with expressive speed and joy. In addition to the ABR (Photoshop brush file), the collection includes 10 transparent PNG files. These graphics are ideal for hyper-realistic textures, hero header images in web design projects, advertising, and much more.

Artista Photoshop Brushes

Artista Photoshop Brushes
The Artista Photoshop brushes are available here.

All the essential tools for creating brilliant digital illustrations have been collected in a single kit. This collection includes all the materials that are often involved in drawing. The set comprises 61 individual brushes to create a wide range of illustrations. Just use the spray, line, pencil, sketch, or texture styles to create whatever you want.

Inktober Collection by ARTISTMEF

Inktober 2019 collection
The Inktober 2019 collection by ARTISTMEF is available here.

These are particularly suitable for those of you working with a graphic tablet like the ones from Wacom or even the Apple iPad or a Microsoft Surface. These pieces of ink effects have been made especially for the 2019 Inktober event. The 44 pressure-sensitive brushes are available with 15 bonus textures to give your drawings a more natural look. Using them, you can imitate a lot of painting styles including pen drawings and Chinese art as well as spray, wet edge, grunge effects.

Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle

Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle
This marvelous vintage comics bundle is available for download here.

If you want to illustrate comics or graphic novels in a cool vintage style, this bundle is exactly what you need! Whether text effects, halftone brushes, speech bubbles, strip templates, comic elements, paper textures, and frames, this bundle provides you with the essential elements to build up your own vintage-inspired comics. In addition to the ABR files, this bundle includes PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, and JPG files.

Network Turbulence Effects

Network Turbulence Effects
These network turbulence effects can be downloaded here.

These look so cool, right? Completely print-ready in a high resolution, these network turbulence mash effects offer a great style. The techno futuristic style is well-suited for various graphic design projects. With their abstract linear textures and waves, you will be able to create eye-catching visuals in no time. To learn more, just click on the following link.

Grain Shader Set

Grain Shader Brush Set for Photoshop
The grain shader set is available here.

This collection is featuring a diverse selection of natural textures ideal for adding bold, grungy shading as well as drop shadows, subtle speckle accents, and detailed grain overlays to your creative work. This huge bundle is well suited for plenty of styles.

Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes

214 Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes
These 214 spray paint Photoshop brushes are available for a very low budget here.

Check out this big pack of spray paint shapes and textures! Based on real inks on paper, all of these effects have been scanned and edited in Photoshop to give you a great collection of 214 high-resolution brushes. Just click on the following link to learn more.

Halftone Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Halftone Grunge Photoshop Brushes
The halftone grunge Photoshop brushes are available here.

Here comes another great set for those who love the style of vintage comics and good old graphic novels. You can use these halftone vintage grunge effects to upgrade your favorite illustrations in a couple of minutes. It’s super easy: just install the brushes, then apply the chosen ones to your artwork—that’s all you have to do.

Geometrical Confusion

Geometrical Confusion Photoshop Brushes
The geometrical confusion collection is available here.

This set comprises ten high-resolution Adobe Photoshop brushes. Using these graphics, you can illustrate an abstract geometric mess of randomly connected particles with thin lines. The unique polygonal spiderwebs create stunning optical illusions. They look great in a variety of projects.

That’s our list of the 10 best Photoshop brushes for graphic designers, illustrators, and other creative professionals. For those of you who want to discover more graphic design resources, feel free to browse through our extensive Templates category. The section includes a handpicked selection of high-quality design assets and stock images.

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