365 days, 365 posters – the Baugasm project by Vasjen Katro.

Vasjen Katro is a Tirana, Albania based visual designer and creative director as well as co-founder of Fabric Creative. In order to challenge himself, he has started the Baugasm project with the goal to create one poster a day for one year. Which means 365 days, 365 posters! The project is now close to the end and I want to seize the opportunity to show you a handful of his masterfully designed prints. Using different graphic and organic shapes of 2D and 3D elements as well as striking color combinations and gradients, Vasjen Katro truly creates visual orgasms! You can follow his project on Instagram. If you want to learn how to make those posters, Vasjen Katro shares some detailed information in a series of tutorials, just follow the link on his website. You can watch them for free for the first month.

Baugasm poster designs by Vasjen Katro.
A selection of Baugasm poster designs created by Vasjen Katro.
Baugasm, Poster of day 345.
Large view of an abstract Baugasm poster artwork of day 345.

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