Estudio Albino created a beautiful and distinctive brand identity for AUSTERIA, a wine boutique in Sidney, Ohio.

Located in Sidney, Ohio, AUSTERIA is a wine boutique that aims to be the place where locals can gain insight into the local wine culture through immersive experiences. Taking its design inspiration from ART-DECO’s iconic style and aesthetic sensibilities of sophistication, distinct textures combined with green tones and gold/copper accents have been used to evoke richness reminiscent of this era. Thus crafted – AUSTERIA creates an environment for guests to indulge their senses as they step back in time.

AUSTERIA isn’t just a place; it’s an entire mindset. Here, you can break free from the mundane and reconnect with yourself through what brings you joy and happiness. Our mission is to transport you on a journey that’ll leave unforgettable memories as food for thought! Every bite will bring your senses alive as we craft stories about our experiences in every sip of wine or dish shared at the table.

Estudio Albino came up with a distinctive brand identity that masterfully reflects AUSTERIA’s values. Their work included the development of a collection of marketing and communication materials as well as some packaging. Below you can see a few images. Please visit Estudio Albino’s website or follow them on Behance for more.

AUSTERIA wine boutique brand design by Estudio Albino
AUSTERIA wine boutique brand design by Estudio Albino

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