Audio Studio Identity and Web Design by TRÜF for KTM

KTM – audio studio identity and web design.

The creative team of agency TRÜF was hired to develop an effective and distinctive studio identity as well as a new website for KTM (killthemess/enger). KTM is an audio and post-production studio based in Santa Monica, California.

KTM is different to stereotypical audio recording studios composed of dark rooms and stodgy business structures. KTM’s studio concept offers light-filled spaces and open minds. Agency TRÜF created an audio studio identity concept that reflects this philosophy perfectly. They designed a clean logotype divided with a diagonal line. It’s a symbolic element of how they “cut out” all unnecessary corporate layers and break with the past. This diagonal element was used throughout the entire visual identity. It allows comparisons of free surfaces with images as well as color with simple black and white. In addition, the layout conveys a relaxing yet unconventional look. This laid-back feeling is enhanced by sea and palm images. The new website offers a simple yet modern user interface, which is well suited for desktop as well as mobile devices.

KTM - audio studio identity
KTM – audio studio identity
KTM - business cards
KTM – business cards
KTM - website
KTM – website
KTM - mobile website
KTM – mobile website


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