Discover the creative universe of freelance illustrator Andrea Ucini.

Born in Italy, Andrea Ucini is a conceptual freelance illustrator who lives and works in Denmark. Before he has started his career as a professional illustrator, he has graduated in classical piano and composition from the Music Academy of Florence. Until today, music is still a great form of expression along with drawing, which helps him to explore different ideas of how concepts and emotions can be decoded. During the past years, Andrea Ucini has worked for a wide range of clients from the publishing industry. Some of his creative illustrations from a variety of projects can be found below. For more, please visit his website.

Andrea Ucini Illustration, Go Down
Go Down…
Andrea Ucini Illustration, Can we escape ageing
Can we escape ageing?
Andrea Ucini Illustration, End of Love
End of Love.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, He makes America great again
He makes America great again.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, How Investment Scams Work
How Investment Scams Work.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, Life After Death
Life After Death.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, No money
No money? Creative ways to take a vacation at home.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, Selfie
Andrea Ucini Illustration, Silvio Berlusconi
Silvio Berlusconi. The untouchable man.
Andrea Ucini Illustration, The Pain Is Real
The Pain Is Real: Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body.

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