In 2022, the creative team at Palantis was entrusted with a unique and exciting project. Sébastien Maloi, an esteemed event organizer, approached Palantis with a vision: to craft a visual identity for his ephemeral bar, La Baignade, set to enliven the shores of La Baule. The concept was clear—a pop, sparkling, and relaxed haven where music and cocktails blended seamlessly to create unforgettable summer nights.

La Baignade branding by La Baignade
La Baignade branding by La Baignade

Crafting the Identity: A Pop and Playful Vision

At the heart of La Baignade’s branding was an in-house designed typography, a thick and geometric typeface that evoked the nostalgic charm of vinyl record covers. This bold typeface served as the cornerstone of the bar’s visual identity, instantly transporting patrons to a world where music reigns supreme.

Complementing this striking typography was a palette of acid colors, chosen to encapsulate the essence of summer—bright, lively, and refreshing. These colors not only conveyed the playful and carefree atmosphere of La Baignade but also evoked the soft, warm feeling of a perfect summer day by the sea.

A Symphony of Design: Music and Cocktails Intertwined

The design philosophy of La Baignade extended beyond typography and color. Palantis ingeniously combined music and cocktails through a series of visually captivating posters. Each poster was meticulously crafted to reflect the harmonious blend of auditory and gustatory delights awaiting visitors. Whether it was “Jazz on the Rock,” a smooth and sophisticated cocktail paired with a jazz melody, or “Sparkling Bepop,” a fizzy drink matched with an upbeat bebop tune, the experience promised to be a sensory delight.

Imagine sipping a “Blues Tonic” while swaying to a soulful blues band or enjoying an “Exhilarating Rap” cocktail as dynamic beats fill the air. La Baignade’s branding ensured that every detail, from the menu to the ambiance, resonated with its core concept—an ephemeral, pop-infused summer paradise where every moment was a celebration of sound and flavor.

The Masterminds Behind La Baignade

The success of La Baignade’s visual identity can be credited to the talented team at Palantis, led by Art Director and CEO Alexis Boudal. Their expertise in building brands for start-ups and new ventures shone through in every aspect of this project. Located in Nantes, France, Palantis is a fast-growing studio known for its passionate and experienced creatives and strategists. Their commitment to excellence and innovative approach to design made La Baignade an instant summer hit.

A Summer to Remember

As the sun set over La Baule, La Baignade became the go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. The bar’s visual identity, a perfect blend of pop culture and summer vibes, created an inviting atmosphere that was both chic and relaxed. Patrons reveled in the unique experience, where carefully curated playlists and expertly crafted cocktails provided the soundtrack to their summer memories.

La Baignade’s branding was more than just a visual feast—it was a testament to the power of thoughtful design in creating memorable experiences. Thanks to Palantis, Sébastien Maloi’s vision of a sparkling summer oasis came to life, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who visited.

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Project Credits
Alexis Boudal, Art Director & CEO

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Palantis, based in Nantes, France, is a dynamic studio with a dedicated team of creatives and strategists. Specializing in building brands for start-ups and new ventures, Palantis is renowned for its innovative approach and passion for design.

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