In 2021, creative agency Sans Serif launched an initiative focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the field of design. One particular project included executing a pro bono project for an organization that aligned with its intention to diversify the design pipeline. David Shultz, the Founder of Sans Serif, and his team offered to rebrand Mission Bit when they saw how much the San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit had grown over the past 10 years. They wanted to help support underrepresented youth of color in tech by celebrating the organization’s success and aiding its future growth. Please read more below the following images.

Creative agency Sans Serif partners with rising not-for-profit Mission Bit for pro bono rebrand campaign.
Creative agency Sans Serif partners with rising not-for-profit Mission Bit for pro bono rebrand campaign.

The team working on Sans Serif consisted of Managing Director Susy Siddens, Project Manager Tricia Medina, Creative Director Amanda Boshard, Senior Designers Dan Shearen and Shannon McGill, Content Strategist Jason Wyman, and UX Designer and Researcher Shandreanna Martin. After several conversations with Mission Bit’s CEO Christina Ortega, Director of Curriculum Cora Monokandilos, and Programs Cynthia Chin about the organization’s goals and objectives, all parties decided to work together on a rebrand. This will include an updated logo and visual identity system that Sans Serif is helping develop for launch in 2023.

Shultz emphasizes that a strong logo pulls out the “resonant brand story” by distilling key values and emotions into one easy-to-understand image. The logic behind the new Mission Bit logo is to encourage diversity. The new Mission Bit logo, with its nesting letters and shapes, sends the message that anyone belongs in tech. The black-and-white color scheme reinforces this idea of accessibility, as does the collage-inspired visual identity which puts an emphasis on diversity. To round out the rebranding effort, Sans Serif created custom paper elements, hand-drawn embellishments, and stickers that can be used creatively alongside the logo. By using the logo and its accompanying elements in collage form, we are able to express the beauty of Mission Bit’s diversity, community, grassroots past, and hands-on approach to empowering youth of color.

Sans Serif is honored to have worked with Mission Bit on their recent rebrand in celebration of their 10-year anniversary. Ortega from Mission Bas states, “We are so thankful for the unique opportunity to work alongside Sans Serif’s team… Collaborating with an agency that works with some of the most prominent companies in Silicon Valley meant the opportunity to refresh our brand in a way that would create more visibility for the critical work we do at Mission Bit.”


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