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Discover how to become an expert in utilizing Adobe Photoshop tools to produce breathtaking illustrations, starting from the basics.

Learn how to use the illustration tools in Photoshop, make and edit simple illustrations, and create your own resource library with Gemma Román, a talented Mexican illustrator. Her set of six courses will also introduce you to commonly used artistic terminology.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the software through a guided tour. This includes installation and configuration, as well as creating new documents. Additionally, you can delve into the workspace, tools, layer panel, and other helpful resources.

In the second course, you will receive an introduction to sketching, drawing, and outlining tools. You can explore the preset brushes and even create your own to begin illustrating. Additionally, you will learn how to scan your hand-drawn sketches into Photoshop and use the selection tools to edit your sketches and incorporate vectors.

In the third course, you will delve into the fascinating world of color. Explore the color library, the Eyedropper tool, and fundamental concepts like hue, saturation, luminosity, and temperature. Develop skills to modify and refine the color of your strokes, arrange values, and build color palettes.

Welcome to the fourth course where you’ll learn to add colors to your drawings without getting your hands dirty. You’ll discover the various tools that Photoshop provides such as the Paint Bucket, Gradients, strokes and textures, blending modes, and filters to give your drawings a beautiful finish. Additionally, you’ll also learn the manual approach using brushes.

In the fifth course of Basics, you will learn how to add the final touches to your illustrations. You’ll be introduced to powerful tools such as Sharpen, Blur, and Smudge, and learn how to use lighting to make your illustrations come to life. By playing with color and creating seamless patterns, you can make certain components stand out and enhance the overall look of your artwork.

For a cohesive outcome, it’s important to optimize your files based on how you plan to export them. Gain knowledge on crafting final artwork suitable for professional or personal printing, followed by exporting your illustrations in various digital formats, be it for a website, PDF, or social media image.

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